TOMORROW'S PARTIES - versione italiana, manifesto

Founded and led by Tim Etchells, the historic Forced Entertainment company has gained attention for its extraordinary work on contemporary British drama. Among its most acclaimed plays is certainly Tomorrow’s Parties, a snapshot of the hopes and fears of an entire era. This is perhaps why, more than a decade after the play’s debut, Roberto Castello and Robin Arthur (among the company members) with the production of ALDES decided to translate and remount it (for the first time, not in the original language) to make it accessible to Italian audiences as well without the obstacle of subtitles.

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3-4-5/11/2023 Mattatoio / Romaeuropa Festival
03/11 – 9pm
04/11 – 9pm
05/11 – 7pm

next dates
09/11/2023 Teatro Bolognini / Teatri di Pistoia, Pistoia
13/11/2023 Teatro Toselli / PDV, Cuneo
14/11/2023 Teatro Magnetti / PDV, Cirié TO
18/11/2023 Città delle 100 Scale Festival, Potenza
16/02/2024 Teatro Niccolini / FTS, San Casciano FI
17/02/2024 Teatro Mascagni / FTS, Chiusi SI
04/04/2024 Teatro Boiardo / ATER, Scandiano RE
13/04/2024 Palamostre – Sala Carmelo Bene / CSS, Udine
14/04/2024 Palamostre – Sala Carmelo Bene / CSS, Udine

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IN GIRUM… and INFERNO in Paris / Théâtre de La Ville
INFERNO di R. Castello. In foto: Susannah Iheme. Foto: De-Da Productions

We are pleased to announce that next June we will present INFERNO, Ubu Award – Best Italian Dance Show 2022, and IN GIRUM IMUS NOCTE ET CONSUMIMUR IGNI, by Roberto Castello, at Théâtre de La Ville – Les Abesses in Paris, in the frame of Chantiers d’Europe.

6-7/06 (8pm) – Théâtre des Abbesses

9-10/06 (8pm) – Théâtre des Abbesses



02/09/2023 NID PLATFORM / Teatro Massimo, Cagliari (IT)
13/10/2023 Teatro Ventidio Basso, Ascoli Piceno (IT)
14/12/2023 Teatro Manzoni, Pistoia (IT)
12/01/2024 Teatro Menotti / TSU – Teatro Stabile dell’Umbria, Spoleto (IT)
2024 to be defined

Terrestri / Teatro Astra, Vicenza
24/01/2024 Teatro Bonci / ERT, Cesena (IT)
24/03/2024 Teatro SOMS / PDV, Racconigi TO (IT)
26/03/2024 Teatro Toselli / PDV, Cuneo

IN GIRUM, ph. Cristiana Rubbio
INFERNO: UBU Award 2022 – Best Dance Show

12/12/22, INFERNO by Roberto Castello in collaboration with Alessandra Moretti wins the Ubu Prize 2022 / Best Dance Show.

“…Castello proves himself unwavering in his belief, consistently sarcastic and anarchical and abetted by an excellent group of four female and two bearded and long-haired male dancers, each possessing his or her own particular character and physicality, alongside a mistress of ceremonies, Alessandra Moretti, expressing herself in a discourse on art in pseudo-Brazilian.
(…) Then it is time for the infernal ‘truth’, an extended dance, full of energy, a jubilant saraband of great virtuosity, deliberately excessive both in intensity and duration, like those who have literally been possessed by the Devil. Castello’s fascination with the tradition of African movement, tackled in his previous Mbira, here brims over in breath-taking rhythmic mastery; the sounds are techno, jazz and folk…”
Elisa Guzzo Vaccarino –  BALLET2000 ed. English n290 – 2022

“[…] the choreography is aggressive and captivating, evolving from some poses of apathetic dullness into aggressive visions and pure pleasure (the physical difficulty is as evident as effective). This Inferno almost becomes a choice of lifestyle, vitality and pleasure…”
Gianfranco Capitta – il manifesto – 20/11/21

INFERNO, foto di Giovanni Chiarot artefici2021
The recently published book “Nel migliore dei mondi possibili” (In the best of all possible worlds), on the career of Roberto Castello
Copertina volume "Nel migliore dei mondi possibili"