IN GIRUM, ph. Cristiana Rubbio 21

IN GIRUM.., by Roberto Castello, ph. Cristiana Rubbio

“… a total work of art that you can not escape …”
Von Helmut Jasny. Westfalische Nachrichten, Germany

“The show is a shock. Look for it at all costs! …”
Thomas Hann. DANSER Canal historique, France

“A fascinating interplay of space, time and movement.”
Kerstin Hergt. Hannoversche Allgemeine, Germany

“… a dancing masterpiece…”
Rodolfo di Gianmarco. La Repubblica

“… The persisting opening is striking …”
Andrea Porcheddu. Gli Stati Generali

“… It is impossible not to be overwhelmed by In Girum Imus Nocte’s infectious patrol”
Attilio Scarpellini. Doppiozero

“…a wonderful choreographic machine…”
Giuseppe Distefano. Il sole 24 ore

Mention, Dance Theatre at BE FESTIVAL – Birmingham 2016

next dates
21/04/2023 Teatro Palladium, Roma (IT)
08/06/2023 Théâtre des Abbesses, Paris (FR)
09/06/2023 Théâtre des Abbesses, Paris (FR)

light, music, costumes ROBERTO CASTELLO
costumes by Sartoria Fiorentina, Csilla Evinger
production ALDES
with the support of  MIC/Ministero della Cultura, REGIONE TOSCANA/Sistema Regionale dello Spettacolo

A rugged black and white, and a hypnotic music make up the environment in which the micro stories of this peripatetic night show are linked together, a mixture between cinema, dance and theatre. The cold light of a video projector articulates the spaces, times and geometry, and the black costumes turn the characters translucent, projecting them into a timeless past inhabited by a dispersed humanity that moves on, struggling, with a brusque, emotional, disorganized gestuality, beyond exhaustion, slowly falling into a trance. The pulsing rithm of the music and movement carries one, little by little, to a dimension that is hypnotic, and an empathy that is close to being physical with the fatigue of the interpreters. ”In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni” (“We go around at night burnt up by fire”), enigmatic latin palindrome with uncertain origin, which was already chosen as title by Guy Debord for his famous movie in 1978, it therefore goes beyond its possible interpretation as a metaphor of living endlessly consumed in desires, to become a cathartic experience of its comical and grotesque exhaustion.

Presentation by ANDREA PORCHEDDU

Artists are miles ahead: they explore unknown areas that we – critics or, at least, those of us who think they are critics – try to structure, codify and urbanize.
Occasionally, then, some creations shed light on what we are, or what we will be, in advance. They give meaning to the tiring work of writing our own biographies: they tell us what we are going to experience. And then, we understand more. It happened to me with In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni (We go around at night consumed by fire): the performance by Roberto Castello and his most refined group ALDES perfectly shows reality in Italy and beyond. We are worn out, tired, exhausted, and lost. Sad and disheartened, but nevertheless we are no quitters or losers.
That handful of heroes that are repeatedly advancing, and yet staying put, is the perfect incarnation of a widespread state of being. The mysterious Latin palindrome, which makes up the title of the performance, is the hint to a fresco worthy of Bosch or Bruegel, which immerses us into a pure contemporary medieval age: they are the “tribes” dear to the philosopher Michel Maffessoli when, in L’istante eterno (The eternal instant), he evokes the return of tragedy in the postmodern age. The tragedy by ALDES is not a violent one: on the contrary, it is acquired, introjected, co-experienced by a tired humanity, which continues to march relentlessly on the spot, while struggling and fighting in a race without any finish line. They are tormented souls, they are exhausted pilgrims, they are – with sudden pain – today’s migrants.
The dancers have bodies, faces, hands which tell stories: they walk, tormented by an obsessive loop of electronic music, in an alternating sequence of light and dark marked by a diaphanous Beckettian voice which pushes everything to absurdity. It is the human condition that Mr Castello is talking about. The choreographer does not condemn; on the contrary, with the most human empathy, he evokes moments of contact and, perhaps, tenderness, and overall scenes, where wandering seems to lead to peace. But there is no way to escape from the closed box, which is a black and white world marked by fragments projected like rain or scratches, oblique, claustrophobic cuts of light, details as suffocating as the general vision. In the race between the last, even those who save themselves are lost.


09/06/2023 Théâtre des Abbesses, Paris (FR)
08/06/2023 Théâtre des Abbesses, Paris (FR)
21/04/2023 Teatro Palladium, Roma (IT)
01/02/2020 Teatro Morlacchi, Perugia (IT)
15/12/2019 Teatro Bellini, Napoli (IT)
14/12/2019 Teatro Bellini, Napoli (IT)
08/12/2019 Invito di Sosta, Arezzo (IT)
20/11/2019 Kinani Festival Maputo (MZ)
16/11/2019 Théâtre des 13 vents CDN, Montpellier (FR)
05/10/2019 SiDance Festival, Seoul (ROK)
14/07/2019 COLOURS International Dance Festival, Stuttgart (DE)
13/07/2019 COLOURS International Dance Festival, Stuttgart (DE)
08/05/2019 Dublin Dance Festival, Dublin (IRL)
07/05/2019 Dublin Dance Festival, Dublin (IRL)
15/03/2019 Théâtre de l’Hôtel de Ville, Saint-Barthélemy-d’Anjo (FR)
22/02/2019 Teatro Comunale Laura Betti Casalecchio-BO (IT)
26/01/2019 Theater im Pumpenhaus, Münster (DE)
25/01/2019 Theater im Pumpenhaus, Münster (DE)
20/01/2019 (((ECO))) ScenarioDanza / Scenario Pubblico, Catania (IT)
19/01/2019 (((ECO))) ScenarioDanza / Scenario Pubblico, Catania (IT)
08/09/2018 TANZtheater International, Hannover (DE)
29/08/2018 International Tanzmesse, Düsseldorf (DE)
23/05/2018 Chantiers d’Europe 2018 Théâtre des Abbesses, Paris (FR)
23/04/2018 Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival 2018, Ramallah (PS)
20/04/2018 BIPOD Festival Beirut (RL)
27/02/2018 Spanski Borci Cultural Centre, Ljubljana (SLO)
25/01/2018 Trajectoires – festival de danse / CCNN, Nantes (FR)
24/01/2018 Trajectoires – festival de danse / CCNN, Nantes (FR)
20/10/2017 Teatro Nazionale Sloveno, Nova Gorica (SLO)
09/10/2017 Festival delle cento scale, Potenza (IT)
28/05/2017 Festival TAC Sala Concha Velasco – LAVA, Valladolid (ES)
27/05/2017 Festival TAC Sala Concha Velasco – LAVA, Valladolid (ES)
19/05/2017 Festival Interplay Teatro Astra, Torino (IT)
09/02/2017 Rassegna TeatrOltre Teatro Sperimentale, Pesaro (IT)
27/01/2017 Rassegna L’altra danza Teatro Camploy, Verona (IT)
13/01/2017 Rassegna DAB_Danza a Bari Teatro Kismet Opera, Bari (IT)
17/12/2016 Rassegna del contemporaneo 2016 Teatro La nuova fenice Osimo (AN-IT)
16/12/2016 Teatro Cantiere Florida, Firenze (IT)
15/12/2016 Teatro Cantiere Florida, Firenze (IT)
14/12/2016 Teatro Cantiere Florida, Firenze (IT)
09/12/2016 Teatro Franco Parenti, Milano (IT)
12/11/2016 Teatro Libero, Palermo (IT)
11/11/2016 Teatro Libero, Palermo (IT)
10/11/2016 Teatro Libero, Palermo (IT)
01/10/2016 Autunno Danza Festival Teatro Massimo, Cagliari (IT)
03/09/2016 Les Brigittines International Festival – La Chapelle, Bruxelles (BE)
02/09/2016 Les Brigittines International Festival – La Chapelle, Bruxelles (BE)
24/06/2016 Be Festival, Birmingham (UK)
15/05/2016 Macedonian National Theatre, Skopje Macedonia (MK)
08/04/2016 Tracce di nuova danza Teatro degli Atti, Rimini (IT)
29/11/2015 Danza_resistere e creare Teatro della Tosse, Genova (IT)
24/11/2015 Teatro 2 mondi Casa del teatro, Faenza (RA-IT)
23/11/2015 Teatro 2 mondi Casa del teatro, Faenza (RA-IT)
16/11/2015 Teatro Studio, Rovigo (IT)
18/10/2015 Teatro Vascello, Roma (IT)
17/10/2015 Teatro Vascello, Roma (IT)
16/10/2015 Teatro Vascello, Roma (IT)
11/10/2015 SPAM!, Porcari (LU-IT)
10/10/2015 SPAM!, Porcari (LU-IT)
06/09/2015 (Première) Short Theatre Festival Macro/La Pelanda, Roma (IT)
05/09/2015 (Première) Short Theatre Festival Macro/La Pelanda, Roma (IT)
18/10/2014 Open dance festival Koreja, Lecce (IT)
17/10/2014 Open dance festival Koreja, Lecce (IT)
30/08/2014 Ring Festival Palazzo Ducale, Lucca (IT)
16/05/2014 Teatri di Confine / Il Funaro, Pistoia (IT)
25/01/2014 Kilowatt festival, San Sepolcro AR (IT)