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Video TV documentation / INFERNO by Roberto Castello (2021 IT)

In Western culture Hell is the place of the imagination that one which more than any other has offered inspiration to preachers, illustrators, painters, sculptors, storytellers, directors, musicians. It is the place of atonement for moral and material faults where the wicked are punished and good triumphs over evil. It is the place of subversion and chaos in the representation of which everything can coexist. However, a depiction of evil as the undisputed kingdom of a sulphurous devil with a tail, horns and pitchfork would be hardly credible today. Hell is here, and it may look a lot like Heaven. It is what pushes us to make every effort to be more attractive, more intelligent, more powerful, more just, stronger, smarter, more responsible, more humble, which pushes us to compete for moral, social, economic and emotional gratifications. Hell is the inevitability of desire, the condemnation of perpetual competition in search of pleasure.
Hence the idea of a tragedy in the form of comedy – seductive, pleasant, engaging, bright and fun – on the intrusiveness of the ego; both one’s own and others’.

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intorno all’opera di Roberto Castello

The recently published book “Nel migliore dei mondi possibili. Intorno all’opera di Roberto Castello” (In the best of all possible worlds), on the career of Roberto Castello.
Ephemeria editions – 2021
Curated by Valentina Valentini, Valeria Vannucci, Chiara Pirri Valentini
In collaboration with Roberto Castello, Graziano Graziani, Alessandra Moretti

Copertina libro "Nel migliore dei mondi possibili", cura grafica di Alessandra Moretti

Immagine di copertina del volume “Nel migliore dei mondi possibili”, grafica di Alessandra Moretti