Gemma di Collettivo Micorrize, in foto Marta Lucchini, foto di Sara Meliti

GEMMA, foto di Sara Meliti

by Collettivo Micorrize
choreography and direction Marta Lucchini
dance Marta Lucchini
set design and lights Rosa Lanzaro
music Claudio Giuntini
video Luca Scarzella
costumes Lucia Lapolla
text based on La precisione dell’amore (The Precision of Love), by Chandra Livia Candiani
production ALDES with the support of Officina LachesiLab/Teatro delle Moire, Progetti per la Scena/Vera Stasi, Wintergarten/Atelier di Teatro Permanente, Nudoecrudo Teatro, ALDES|SPAM! rete per le arti contemporanee, and theWorkRoom Milano/Fattoria Vittadini, in collaboration with the Fondazione Milano and Associazione Tididì
with the support of MIC / Direzione Generale Spettacolo, REGIONE TOSCANA / Sistema Regionale dello Spettacolo

In botany the Italian word “gemma” (gem) signifies the shoot of the seedling; in zoology it’s the budding of a new being; and finally in mammals “gemma” is the accumulation of cellular elements from which the embryo is born. A gem is a precious stone; Gemma is also the name of my grandmother, from whom I descended.
Gemma is a dance solo, a minute liturgy of transfiguration, an interior garden of memories in metamorphosis. A body in search of form, Gemma passes through different states of being, slowly configuring and reconfiguring herself until, human corporeality achieved, she dances our fragile steps upon the earth. She moves from within, from beneath her skin, hearing an ancient memory, in search of a gesture that measures both proximity and distance in relation to herself, to space, to all she sees, to the flower that accompanies her, bearing silent witness to her metamorphosis. Body, space, sound, light, and video give life to the dancer’s fleeting incarnations, weaving together the imagination’s plotlines. Gemma is a simple promise: a vow to live, a tribute to life.