Andrea Cosentino

(1967) Actor, author, comedian and theatre scholar.
Ubu 2018 Special Award.
He is inventor, owner, sole anchorman/woman of  Telemomò, an autharchical, short supply chain television. Among his shows, La tartaruga in bicicletta in discesa va veloce, the ‘dipthyc of the present’ composed by L’asino albino and Angelica (texts published by Carla Romana Antolini (edited by), Andrea Cosentino l’apocalisse comica, Roma, Editoria e spettacolo, 2008), Antò le Momò-avanspettacolo della crudeltà, Primi passi sulla luna (text published in a narrative version by Tic edizioni), Not here not now and (in collaboration with Roberto Castello) Trattato di economia. His TV appearances range from comedy commentator in the TV show AUT-AUT (Gbr-circuito Cinquestelle) in 1993 to the participation in 2003 to the TV show Ciro presenta Visitors (RTI mediaset), for which he invented a serial/off the wall soap opera impersonated by plastic dolls. He is a promoter of the project MARA’SAMORT, working towards a possible theatre of-with-on the edge, through a thematic, linguistic and performative research on subordinate forms of expression and has recently merged into the ALDES company.