Project Description


a collection of studies – 2018/2021

CARNET EROTICO, foto Lorenzo Antei n2

“Carnet Erotico” di/con Francesca Zaccaria, foto di Lorenzo Antei

a collection of studies
starting from the smallest possible form laid on a blank surface

idea, choreography, interpretation FRANCESCA ZACCARIA
original music (2018) CRAYON MADE ARMY
stage design PAOLO MORELLI
production ALDES
with the support of  MIBAC – MINISTERO per i Beni e le Attività Culturali / Direz. Generale per lo spettacolo dal vivo, REGIONE TOSCANA / Sistema Regionale dello Spettacolo

Short or more composed creations,
authorial wanderings between sensations and sense concerning the erotic.
The image is a mediator,
starting with the drawing, an indispensable premise which introduces and reveals a sort of map of the imagination which then approaches the material of representation, becoming
creatures and characters.
The body dresses itself in images, form dresses itself in other forms and imagination can “emancipate” itself.
Things thus reveal a dilated sense, at once subtle and fragile,
an alternative way of leading thought to the heart of a visual reflection on something prior to the phenomenal world itself.

The very first studies began in 2016/2017 then flowed, in final form, into the version of “CARNET EROTICO” presented at Festival Todi Off in 2018.
The project now continues with a “second act of collection” – studio 2021
with the first presentation at the Festival Fisiko 2021.

“secondo atto di raccolta” – work in progress (2021)

Metamorphosis and amplitude are in progress and are as they are not, without personification.
Derivations of the theme, on the theme, without being the theme itself but rather, the collection of what has been transposed into the image, to arrive then, at the definition of a certain vibration that is more of the realm of the improbable, of movement.
A ‘super-reality’ gathers the being around its dreamer.
Things become images and these images speak to us, as if the meaning evoked were a form that carries with it its own entire background:
not, therefore, like a painting that requires a frame to delimit and circumscribe it, if anything, on the contrary, like the face that blends into the background in certain impressionist canvases.
Whoever is being watched or believes himself to be being watched raises his eyes.

photography Fabio Zanone
photography and drawing Francesca Zaccaria