THE TOWERS | Lucca Hubris (2013)

Movie-installation for San Francesco Church in Lucca


by Peter Greenaway

Choreography Roberto Castello
executed by Aldes (Alessandra Moretti, Stefano Questorio, Aldo Rendina, Elisa Barucchieri, Andrea Vanni, Vincenzo Toma, Giselda Ranieri, Mariano Nieddu, Barbara Toma, Claudia Catarzi) e con Gildo dei Fantardi / Luciano Filippi)

Music Marco Robino
executed by Architorti (Federica Biribicchi, Alessandro Cammilli, Giovanni Damiano, Svetlana Fomina, Orazio Lodin, Marco Gentile, Paolo Grappeggia, Efix Puleo, Marco Robino, Elena Saccomandi)

Director of Photography Reinier van Brummelen
Project promoted and commissioned by CRL Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca in collaboration with Lucca Film Festival and ALDES
Produced by Change Performing Arts / Milano in collaborazione con Luperpedia Foundation, Amsterdam

Gaffer Chris Hacken
Best Boy Leonardo Beltrano
Cameraman Luciano Teollis
Focus Puller Riccardo Porfirio
Technicians Fulvio Bertuccelli, Luca Telleschi

Editing, animation 3d and post-production Irma de Vries
3D Additional animator Nick van Loo

Costume Designer Ester Marcovecchio
Assistants Danila Olivieri, Rosella Gioffré, Donatella Cianchetti
Costume standby Umberto Petrocelli

Make up Giovanni Montaresi e Angela Lucchini
Wigs Anna Lisa Risaliti / Propman Andrea Buchetti / Calligraphy Massimo Polello

Soundtrack Huibert Boon / Sound designer Stefano Scarani / Video Programming Matteo Massocco

Production coordinator Izumi Arakawa
Shooting Coordinator Annette Mosk / Organisational coordinator Nicola Borrelli / Project Manager Valeria Palermo

Book design Maarten Evenhuis/Irma de Vries
Italian Translation Alessandro De Francesco

Thanks to Sartoria Brancato / Sartoria Fiorentina / Costume National / Minimal To



“THE TOWERS / Lucca Hubris” was presented in September 2013. In October, it was projected in Lucca on the façade of S.Francis' Romanesque church and in Basel, as part of a wider installation project containing some frames that were shot in Lucca: "The Dance of Death".


In 1257 there were some 130 towers in Lucca – built in essence mainly to indicate power – machismo hubris - often in support of the warring Guelph and Ghibelline factions. It was the same in Bologna, Firenze and most famously, as still evidenced, in San Gimignano. Over the years most fell into disuse and fell down or were dismantled, many were knocked down, and many were forcibly taken down by decree. I was fascinated by such indication of hubris – hubris so easily and irrevocably cancelled by gravity, and I wrote a number of stories to consider such propositions of arrogance, convenience, vested interest and pride not unlaced by lust, snobbism, covetousness, passion and what we readily understand most recently as the contemporary excess of financial greed. Without exactly illustrating these stories but certainly edging around them, interpreting them, playing with them, I have chosen 14 of these stories to project in film and animation, music, text, dance and performance lead by Roberto Castello and his extraordinary dancers and performers onto the newly restored façade of the Franciscan convent church in Lucca. Here are a possible ten of the 14 stories were are going to perform.

Peter Greenaway