MAP (2016)

once you have learned to speak, what will you say?

Prospettiva Danza 2015 Prize

PREMIERE: 5 May 2016 / Festival Prospettiva Danza Teatro, Padova IT


conceived and performed by  DAVIDE CALVARESI e IRENE RUSSOLILLO

current repertory

project collaboration YESENIA TROBBIANI


production ALDES

in collaborazione with Civitanova Casa della Danza, nell’ambito del progetto Residenze Marche Spettacolo promosso da Direzione Generale per lo Spettacolo dal Vivo del MiBACT, Regione Marche, CMS e AMAT

with the support of MIBACT - MINISTERO per i Beni e le Attività Culturali e del turismo / Direz. Generale per lo spettacolo dal vivo, REGIONE TOSCANA / Sistema Regionale dello Spettacolo

and in collaboration with GRANER/Mercat de les Flores - Barcelona, INTEATRO –Polverigi, 7-8 chili

lenght 50 min. ~

MAP is the first shared project between Davide Calvaresi and Irene Russolillo. The starting idea and wish is the encounter, the possible interaction between the microcosms and the different languages they developed so far. MAP is a “graphic journey”, a drawing  on a “three-dimensional page” which is the space of action, in order to define peculiar and subjective geography and calligraphy. A journey into the virtual map where the physicality of the body can reveal signs and elements that are present but yet invisible, revealing a language through other languages. Starting from a set of signs and meanings, MAP explores fully its aesthetic and even tactile potential..


Prospettiva Danza 2015 Prize  >>>

“The project MAP by Davide Calvaresi with Irene Russolillo is an excellent case of combination between the one’s visionary and performative abilities and the rich vocabulary and wisdom as an interpeter of the other. Thanks to the sharing of the two short but strong artistic journeys, their work points out, even at its first step, the full capability to create a peculiar universe of signs and meanings which shows an excellent potential and a promising outcome”.